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Database Development/Software Training

VBA template and macro design

Many companies like using standard documents like faxes, standard letters, memos or file notes. We can program these standard document templates for you, as well as more complicated ones like the ones that are traditionally used in the legal industry, such as bills and statements.

Template/VBA Development

A template can be as simple as a document containing pre-set information like company logos and address information, or it can be more complicated, with dialog boxes that pop up for the user to fill-in. The more complicated ones require an advanced knowledge of programming in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

Template/VBA Development

In addition, we can program Microsoft® Excel to perform repetitive tasks using VBA code. The code can search thousands of rows of data and extract relevant information, perform calculations on this data and then return the answer that you require - all in the single click of a mouse!

Toolbars, menus and forms can be customised to suit your users. A complete office solution can be created specifically for your business needs.


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