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Database Development/Software Training

Case Studies

Freight Consignment System

Requirement. To replace a DOS based system to log freight consignments that leave the warehouse and to produce the freight consignment note that accompanies the freight as the existing system that was being used by the client was not Year 2000 compliant and was not dating the consignment notes correctly. In addition to calculate the cost of the freight based on the charges incurred from the freight carrier in conjunction with the weight and size of the freight.

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Chemical Inventory System

Requirement. The main function of the database was to produce the monthly report - a 20 page document that was done in Excel, each page containing 6 graphs which had to be created manually each month.

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Annual Leave Database

Requirement. To build a system for an individual department within the company that allowed staff to enter their annual leave requests and for their managers to approve these leave requests.

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Car Logging System

Requirement. To replace a DOS based system that was not Year 2K compliant. The system kept track of car pool costs, their mileage and their costs.

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Telemarketing System

Requirement. To build a system that enabled the call logging of all telemarketing, the sales achieved from such calls and the ability to remind the user at set periods to call the client once again.

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Inventory and Usage Databases

Requirement. The main function of these databases was to automate files exported from SAP into Access, manipulating the data in Access and in turn exporting the data back into Microsoft Excel.

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Time Sheet System

Requirement. To provide a system to record job details and the time worked on each job, enabling a job costings report to be produced.

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Exam Information Database

Requirement. To adjust an existing database that was built to contain all the examination information required at any one time at a tertiary institution. While the existing database was well set up, it lacked any form of automation needed through the addition of VBA and SQL code.

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