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Database Development/Software Training

Customised Microsoft® Office Training

What is the first step to organising customised training

Talk with a company who has experience in training design and delivery. A good training provider will not try to mould your needs to fit their product, but will listen and design a training solution to suit your business, budget and timeline. If your current training provider is not able to offer a customised solution, it's time to find a new one!

We are very busy and find a full day of training is just not possible. Can we break the full course into several shorter courses?

Like you, we are in business and we understand time restraints and busy workloads. To accommodate this we have developed our course skill sets in modular form. This allows us to listen to your needs and easily customise courses to suit acceptable timeframes. The majority of courses we deliver are short, topic-specific courses with a maximum delivery time of three to four hours.

I have a specific problem I need your help with. Can a trainer come and see me and step me through solving it?

Yes. A trainer can sit with you and assist you through a software problem. This is a very cost effective way of learning. Not only do you gain extra skills with software technologies, you can sharpen your business tools at the same time.

What are the trainers like? Are they experienced?

Our trainers are experts in their field. Whatever your needs, your trainer will be industry experienced and Microsoft qualified.

Is customised training expensive?

This is a good question. You may have heard the saying, "what does it cost to train ... but what does it cost NOT to train?" or "returns from learnings should be more earnings". Customised training is not cheap, however the returns on investment far outweigh the training fee. Less time away from work while training, training that meets your business needs, practical exercises taken from everyday work procedures, these are just a number of benefits gained from customised training programs. A well designed training program can increase production and profits, reduce staff turnover and lost time, improve quality and morale. All of these things more than pay you back for your initial training investment.

Do you have your own computer training centre?

No. Most of the time, training is delivered at your premises. If this is unsuitable we have a number of training facilities we can recommend.

We require fully customised course materials, incorporating our logo and company policies. All pictures of screens will be from our in-house system. Can you help?

Yes. We can create fully customised system manuals for your company, including screens and practical exercises. Once the materials have been created, you may wish for your in-house support team to be responsible for updating the materials. We can incorporate revision control tables to assist in the reporting of material updates.

We require fully customised exercises, incorporating our in-house procedures. Can you help?

Yes. We recommend training exercises are taken from your working environment. We can customise all practical exercises to involve 'real-life' work procedures.

We need a course designed for our fully customised in-house system. We have trainers in-house, who will be delivering the training. Can you design the course and prepare the trainers before we release the new system?

Yes. Once the course materials have been created we can orientate your trainers to the materials. If required we can incorporate trainers' notes. An experienced trainer could work with the trainers' notes immediately. If your trainers are relatively inexperienced, we can take them through a Train the Trainer program, introducing them to the do's and dont's of software training.

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