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Database Development/Software Training

What is a database?

A database is a collection of information related to a particular subject or purpose, such as tracking customer orders or maintaining a music collection. If you are currently working with a "paper-based" database you may be finding yourself having to co-ordinate and organise large amounts of information. Similarly, a spreadsheet database may require "double-entry" updates, which can be time consuming and lead to data inconsistencies. Databases programs like Microsoft Access are designed to organise and store large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Access controls the way data is organised, displayed on screen and reported

What do we do with Access?

What Do We Do With Access?

At F1 Solutions we develop small to medium sized database applications in Microsoft® Access.

We can either supply you with a system that we have already created for resale purposes or we can design a database that is is specifically tailored to your business requirements.

If this is the case, we understand the need to work within your budget, so we work closely with you and keep you informed every step of the way.

We aim to provide you with a system that is clever in its actions but simple in its use. Full user friendly documentation can also be provided as can a technical manual for in-house support.

Accute Time Recording and Accounting System

Accute is a time management and accounts program was created primarily to enable small legal firms to keep track of their time recording; and then use this time recording to invoice clients, as well as to keep track of their expenses and payments. This in turn enables them to run reports such as a GST/VAT return, Debtors report or to reconcile their Bank Statement. The program keeps track of Clients and Client Matters. These are also directly linked to the ControlDox File management software in order that Accute and ControlDox may work together as one.

Should the legal aspect of Accute (ie the Time Recording and Client Matters) not be required then the software can be customised and adjusted to suit your business.

Custom Access Database Solutions

These database were customised completely for the client involved - tell us what you want, and we shall design it!

Student details and course enrolment database
College database to record student details, course details and enrolment information
Debt Collection management software
A system to record debtors details, debt record details and creditor information
Various Project Management Databases
We have designed many databases that make project management easy. From keeping track of the main project, to contractors, equipment, purchase orders, staff - you name it - we have included it!
Sales and Marketing System
Creation of system to store sales and marketing material, contact history and follow up details. Generation of Sales and Marketing Reports
Transportation Database
This program to assisted the transportation team in keeping track of the delegation of staff vehicles, mileage and petrol allowances
SAP Reports Database
Many database have been specifically created to read text files generated by SAP or SAGE ACCPAC, to analyse them and then export the results to Excel

... and many more....!

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